UK Black Dial Fake Bell & Ross Vintage WW2 Regulateur Heritage Watches Full Of Military History

Bell & Ross is always interested in military history, especially the Military flying history, for the air force has been taking precise chronograph for important navigation tool. This year, Bell & Ross drew the inspiration from the World War II, that launched the black dial replica Bell & Ross Vintage WW2 Regulateur Heritage, again to salute to the modern military history.

Bell & Ross Vintage WW2 REGULATEUR HERITAGE replica black dial

This matte leather strap fake Bell & Ross watch, is a homage to the instrument that used by the bomber pilots in 1930s and 1940s. This specification pointer Replica Watches UK with traditional observatory characteristics, especially emphasizes the function of the minute hand, so that the pilot can calculate the position or the speed, it has very practical military value.

sandy scale copy Bell & Ross Vintage WW2 REGULATEUR HERITAGE

The military chronograph of the 1930s and 1940s shows a clear characteristic, that is convenient for pilot operation.The copy Bell & Ross Vintage WW2 features the 49 mm diameter case and also with the ample space dial, that made the black sandy minutes scale on the dial more clearly and easy to read.

UK Black Bezel Replica Bell & Ross BR 03 Desert Type Watches Designed For Those Travelers Who Love Desert

Designed according to the air force in the tropics and equipment specifications, therefore, the replica Bell & Ross BR 03 Desert Type adopted the same color as the uniform that pilot wearing when taking the tasks in the desert, that links the watches and flight. As a professional watch, the light brown dial fake Bell & Ross BR 03 Desert Type show the four basic principles of fake Bell & Ross: readability, functional, precision, and waterproof.

black scale copy Bell & Ross BR 03 Desert Type

In accordance with the principle of aircraft design, the watch case is black, and also adopts the ceramic material. The high-tech material plays an important role when producing the black scale copy Bell & Ross watches that can tolerate extreme high temperature, acid, corrosion and erosion, as the case production material is suitable.

light brown dial copy Bell & Ross BR 03 Desert Type

And the dazzling sapphire crystal glass has proven robustness. The four corners of the  case has four screws which simulated to the BR 01 aviation design, simulation of the front of the aircraft cockpit airborne instrument installation system.The four screws on the  bezel that is to ensure that watch waterproof depth to 100 meters.