Hands-On Porsche Design Replica Watches Chronotimer Series

It was probably in 1997 or 1998 that I did an internship at this hospital for my Informatics study. There was a guy working there who had this stunning titanium watch on his wrists, a Porsche Design. I think it was one of the models done in partnership with IWC, but the memory doesn’t provide any further details. I do know that he told me he got it for his graduation and longed for that specific watch for quite some time already. There was no further interest in watches I discovered, he just wanted to have that specific Replica Watches UK.


Somehow, Porsche Design never reminded me about the Porsche cars, but merely about a well-designed and crafted lifestyle product, be it bags, glasses, pens or watches. Just like the Porsche cars, the Porsche Design products do not come cheap, but that’s also because these are not a gimmick with a famous name printed on them. But anyhow, I never tried one of their watches in person. In the past, Porsche Design worked with IWC, Orfina and Eterna for their timepiece collection, but seem to be doing it on their own now, in Switzerland.

I was happy to be able to request the Porsche Design Chronotimer Series 1 All Titanium, as it comes very close to those original beautifully designed titanium best replica watches that they produced in the past. It would not do the design any justice if I would put the Porsche Design cheap fake watches of those early years as ‘tool watches’ but they did have this industrial look & feel to it that I like so much in most of the tool watches out there. The Porsche Design Chronotimer Series 1 is perhaps based on these early Porsche Design chronographs, where form followed function, but is also a piece that is certainly more versatile than a tool watch. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look.

Porsche Design Chronotimer Series 1

The first thing to notice is the fact that the watch has this ‘integrated’ design. Although the Porsche Design Chronotimer Seriers 1 is also available on a rubber strap and a textile strap, the models on metal bracelets appear to be one fluid design. The bracelet is quite a piece of work: a matte brushed titanium bracelet that appears to be seamless and polished edges. The case has a beautiful satin finish on top and the caseband where the facets are polished, a combination that is very playful under certain angles in the light. Despite the fluid, or integrated, design, it does remain to be a sporty chronograph with a 42mm diameter. There is now crown guard that protects the pushers or crown, but that does enhance the design in my opinion. The crown and pushers are very user-friendly, that means that they are big enough to be operated without having to fiddle with your finger nails or unscrew the pushers before use, for example. The crown has this “hobnail” design that looks very industrial and the pushers have a combination of polished and brushed finishing.


 The Porsche Design Chronotimer Series 1 uses the well-known ETA/Valjoux caliber 7750 movement. A robust movement that has been used for various Porsche Design models in the past as well. During the partnership with Orfina, Porsche Design watches also came with the legendary – but discontinued – Lemania 5100 based movements. It wasn’t a very pretty movement to look at, but it was definitely the movement of choice for a lot of chronograph collectors and ‘tool watch’ aficionados. The ETA/Valjoux 7750 was its main competitor and perhaps more versatile, as I’ve yet to think of a watch with a Lemania 5100 that did not look like a tool watch (OK, I think there was an Alain Silberstein that looked relatively elegant with that movement and then of course there is the Speedmaster Automatic ‘Holy Grail’ that gets away with it, more or less). The ETA/Valjoux 7750 movement has been used by almost every serious brand out there that produced – and produces – sports chronographs. The rotor of this movement only winds in one direction and causes the famous ‘wobble’ when the its rotates in the ‘free’ direction. You either like it or you don’t, but it is very well present on the wrist when it occurs.

 The caseback of the Porsche Design Chronotimer Series 1 All Titanium proudly shows the movement through a sapphire crystal. Especially when the chronograph is being operated, you can witness some mechanical action in there. The rotor has the Porsche Design logo, that consists of a P and a D combined.

On the front side, you will find the typical Valjoux 7750 lay-out dial with sub registers at 12, 9 and 6 o’clock and a date at 3 o’clock. As you can see below, the dial consists of two layers that create a nice bit of depth on there. The three sub dials and the main dial seem to be ‘carved’ into the dial. Then the chronograph sub dials have a red arrow and an extra inner ring that looks a bit like the tachy scales from a car. The chronograph hands also have red accents and better said: the chronograph second hand is entirely red. At 3 o’clock, the Porsche Design name is written under the date aperture while the PD logo is next to it (on tht left). The minute track has a couple of applied indices and the tachymeter scale is on the black bezel. Although there is quite a bit of printing and details on the dial of this Porsche Design Chronotimer Series 1, it is still relatively easy on the eyes. The sapphire crystal is treated with anti-reflective coating (7-layers) and sometimes you’d say that there is no crystal on this watch at all. An amazingly clear and clean look is the result of that.

 I am not sure whether it was the intention of Porsche Design to create a combination of a ‘lifestyle product’ (I am not a fan of this combination of words) and a tool watch, but they succeeded in that in any case. This watch can be worn by both the fashionable guy who loves a good sporty watch that goes well with his attire but also by the person that is a sucker for sporty chronographs with a little ‘tool watch’ edge. In both cases I would blame the design, of course, but also the use of brushed titanium with polished bevels and edges.

Do I need a Porsche for this watch? The thing with these type of brand names is, that they should (or could) remind you of the product that was initially associated with it. Like Montblanc watches that could remind you of their Meisterstück pens. Although the name Porsche is of course linked to the sports cars (and SUVs, these days), the watch as an object as such, has little to do with it in my opinion. I can’t think of a watch brand that really belongs to a car brand (AMG and IWC, Audi and Sinn, Ferrari and Panerai, but that’s different somehow..as these are clearly partnerships). Personally, for me there is little interest in buying a watch that says BMW or Mercedes on the dial, as those are just sticker brand watches. With Porsche Design, it is a serious company that designs, develops and produces (theirselves) Swiss replica watches. What I am trying to explain is that there is no necessary link between the Porsche Design Chronotimer Series 1 and the Porsche car.

Replica Watches-Design-Movement

 You can wear and enjoy this timepiece without having to own – or even to like – a Porsche car, but just for that they are, beautiful timepieces of good quality. Perhaps like the guy I mentioned at the beginning of this article. He just liked the look of the Porsche Design watch at the time and decided to buy it, just to own a good UK fake watches.

Five Minutes With DJ Khaled On His Luxury Replica Watch Collection


With a list of collaborators that stretch to the far ends of Hip Hop, DJ Khaled has become a cultural phenomenon, producing electric beats for the likes of Kanye West, Drake, Niki Minaj, Ludacris and a host of the hottest names in the industry. However, his celebrity isn’t solely based on musical prowess. The DJ has become the unlikely king of the social media platform snapchat, inspiring millions with brilliantly funny and strangely life-affirming videos about finding the major keys to success in life, wherever they may lie, and hustling for whatever “they” don’t want you to have. Khaled has turned daily minutia, like watering the grass, eating breakfast, and lounging in the hot tub into 10-second bursts of hilarious self-affirmation. He’s the internet’s biggest optimist, with over 6 million followers on Snapchat. He’s also managed to infuse popular culture with a litany of irresistible catchphrases (like “Bless up” “major key.”) and a number of instant-classic Snapchat stories.


If you asked him, DJ Khaled would tell you that a major key of success is having a great wrist game. The music producer has an ever-growing collection of luxury cheap replica watches UK in a variety of styles for every occasion, from the boardroom to the beach. Like many others before him, his collection started in a very familiar place. “My first major watch purchase was a Rolex. Definitely have to have a Rolex. It’s timeless.”

From there, his collection has expanded to include many Swiss watchmakers, but Khaled feels most at peace with a Hublot on his wrists. “once I started learning the watch game, I got into Hublots. I’m a big fan of Hublot for a lot of reasons. They have a lot of variety. If I wanted to be casual with it, smooth with it, I’d get something simple with quality. If I wanted to get something spendy, I might get some Rose Gold with diamonds in it and a crocodile band, know what I mean. Just a different vibe.” Already, Khaled has seven Hublots in his collection, and a timepiece from the brand can often be seen in his popular snaps. Some of his favorite pieces are Hublot’s collaborations with D-Wade. “Hublot is my daily piece. I got six or seven Hublots. Sometimes I rock my D-Wade because I’m always at Miami Heat games. I already have two D-Wade Hublots.”


Over time, DJ Khaled has come to appreciate luxury timepieces not just for their stylistic potential, but for the artistic and technical expertise that go into crafting them.

It’s fitting that DJ Khaled has cultivated such a strong interest in luxury Swiss fake watches. He found the perfect  time to tap into social media and music to create a massive worldwide brand for himself. “Timing is everything” says Khaled. We couldn’t agree more.

Richard Mille Replica Watches Haas F1 Team and Romain Grosjean

— New official Replica Watches UK partner of Haas F1 Team, Richard Mille also continues to support Romain Grosjean.


On 19 February, Richard Mille Replica Watches announced its new partnership with Haas F1 Team, which will make its debut in the FIA Formula One World Championship this season, becoming the first American-led Formula One team in 30 years.
The partnership with Haas F1 Team is a strategic one for Richard Mille, as America is a key market for the company. But the brand also stresses the importance to continue supporting Romain Grosjean, its ambassador since 2014.

Haas F1 Team will make its official debut March 20th in the season-opening Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne with drivers  Romain Grosjean and Esteban Gutiérrez. With an intense passion for timepieces, Grosjean has helped develop an outstanding collection of calibers for Richard Mille, combining titanium and NTPT (North Thin Ply Technology) carbon.
“I am very proud to continue wearing Richard Mille as a partner and as a driver for Haas F1 Team,” Grosjean said. “There is no  better watch brand to align with the DNA of Formula One. The way Richard always gets a close link between watches and his partnerships is truly unique.”

Grosjean will wear on his racing suit the RM 011 throughout the 2016 season. It’s a model line inspired by the world of motorsports with an automatic caliber movement for exceptional performance.

HYT Replica Watches Skull Bad Boy

Fake — Watches UK In preview of Baselworld, HYT unveils a new Skull model with black retrograde fluidic hours.


One would naturally assume that the starting point for the Skull Bad Boy was the skull itself, unveiled by HYT in 2015. Not so. The creative impetus actually came from the new liquid which surrounds it. This is not a simple aesthetic variation. This opaque black, so simple to look at, took more than 12 months to develop. Like the four other colours developed by HYT, the black version has its own chemical properties. These affect attributes such as viscosity, expansion coefficient and UV resistance.

Its creation meant going back to scratch. The goal was to create a fluid able to adapt to the constraints of an HYT movement, which does not adhere to the wall of the capillary, can hold a meniscus and does not interact on a molecular level with the elements it comes into contact with. The result was achieved in autumn 2015 before undergoing several weeks of testing to confirm its chemical stability.


Skull Bad Boy © HYT

Chemistry was one concern, but aesthetics was another. Creating a black fluid is not without its problems: whilst the other colours created by HYT are able to reflect all or some of the light they receive, black absorbs everything. The inevitable result is that it is impossible to read the time on the Skull Bad Boy in the dark.
“It was a deliberate decision”, explains Vincent Perriard, CEO of HYT. “There were other solutions which would have made the piece visible at night. But if we wanted to play with the darkness inherent to the Skull Bad Boy, we had to go all the way. Night is part of the world of shadows and darkness. Perfectly in tune with the spirit of the skull”.

To go with this new black liquid, HYT wanted to create a skull with the distinctive appearance of Damascus steel, used for knives and Samurai swords. The dial comprises two half-moons decorated with the Clous de Paris stud pattern. Its indexes are created in a Gothic font, complementing the Skull Bad Boy’s hard rock look. Its matte black 51 mm case, made from fully microblasted DLC titanium, is attached to a brand new buffed alligator strap with hints of slate grey. It has a velcro clasp “so that it can be adjusted to fit on a leather biker jacket”, says Vincent Perriard with a smile.


Ref. 151-DL-43-NF-AS © HYT Replica Watches

The Skull is coated with a new composite material, created to resemble Damascus steel. A foundry in the Neuchâtel region created the raw material: multiple layers of steel and carbon are folded in on themselves a total of 256 times! This material is cast in batches of five skulls, no two of which will ever be identical.

The result is an ever-changing interplay of its two component materials. The steel is an eye-catching grey, whilst the black colour of the carbon is revealed by a chemical abrasion process. In its unfinished state, the Skull has countless tiny crevasses, evidence of the intense exertions it has undergone in the foundry. HYT levels the surface then covers it with a translucent layer of varnish.

All the functionalities of the original Skull have been preserved. The power reserve indicator sits in the right eye socket, which gets darker as the piece reaches the end of its 65-hour power reserve. The left eye socket houses the seconds disc, permanently turning. The Skull Bad Boy is available as a limited edition of 50 pieces.

Czapek & Cie Fake Watc Over one million: crowdfunding target beaten!

— Czapek concludes its equity crowdfunding campaign with a total of 1.1 million Swiss Replica Watches francs invested.


Czapek raised over 10%  more than its initial objective, which is an exceptional achievement for equity crowdfunding in Switzerland. In fact, it is a world-first: no single company has so far held such a campaign simultaneously in three different jurisdictions (Switzerland, France and the United Kingdom) on two different platforms, Raizers and Crowd for Angels.
The 93 new shareholders come primarily from Switzerland, France, Poland, the Czech Republic and England, but also from China and Canada (11 different countries in total).

The Quai des Bergues collection has earned the respect of lovers of haute horlogerie. It features a number of unique details, such as a secret signature that appears on the enamel dial. What attracted so much support, however, was the bold idea of reviving a brand by sharing it.

“Our aim was to be faithful to Francois Czapek and at the same time to listen to fake watch lovers,” says Xavier Roquemaurel, one of the project’s founders. “Meetings with potential investors gave us an opportunity to converse with people we would have liked to meet and greet beyond this adventure. It was passion and curiosity that put them in our path so that we can now build the next chapter of Czapek history together.”

Completion of the fundraising signals the start on the development of an exclusive distribution network. To that end, Czapek will have a stand at Baselworld 2016.

A number of potential investors left it too late to take part in this adventure. Will the brand launch a second crowdfunding round? In a few months, some new markets such as Japan and the USA will be targeted, but the brand does not exclude offering more equity in Switzerland over a short period.

Three months after the official renaissance of Czapek, on 10 November 2015 the brand now enters the second phase of its development. With movement production now started, the first buyers will receive their Czapek Swiss replica watches in November this year.

Fake Swiss Watches – Vacheron Constantin Overseas Ultra-thin

UK Fake Watches Online — For the SIHH, Vacheron Constantin reinvents its Overseas collection and launches an ultra-thin model. vacheron_constantin_fake-watches-uk

The SIHH 2016 was the occasion for Vacheron Constantin to reinvent its iconic collection, Overseas. We introduced you the Overseas Small Model, the Overseas Chronograph and the Overseas Ultra-thin Perpetual Calendar. Today we present you the Overseas Ultra-thin.

The Overseas Ultra-thin Swiss fake watches UK exudes an aura of apparent sobriety. Available exclusively in Vacheron Constantin boutiques, this distinguished model meets the demanding Hallmark of Geneva requirements. Its slim 18K white gold 40 mm-diameter case houses Calibre 1120, an ultra-thin self-winding movement developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin, comprising 144 components while measuring no more than 2.45 mm thick. Endowed with an approximately 40-hour power reserve, the Overseas ultra-thin drives hours and minutes hands sweeping over an elegant grey dial punctuated by gold luminescent facetted hands and hour-markers. The back of the cheap fake watch, protected by a sapphire crystal, reveals the steady dance of the 22K gold oscillating weight adorned with a wind rose and featuring alternating polished, sandblasted and finely grained finishes.


The case of the Overseas Ultra-thin is 7.5mm thick. © Vacheron Constantin Fake UK

Fitted with an interchangeable white gold case with easy-fit system, this new model is complemented by two straps – one in leather and the other in rubber – secured by a white gold buckle.

Best Swiss Fake Watches. British Academy Film Awards 2016

Swiss Fake Watches UK — Discover the Tiffany & Co jewellery worn by some of Hollywood’s most renowned actresses at the British Academy Film Awards 2016.


The actress Cate Blanchett looked stunning at the British Academy Film Awards 2016 wearing mixed cut diamond earrings and a platinum round marquise diamond bracelet from the 2016 Tiffany Blue Book Collection that will be launched in April.

Emilia Clarke was wearing Tiffany diamond cluster earrings and a ring set in platinum with a 2.09 carat center diamond.


Cate Blanchett & Emilia Clarke wearing Tiffany & Co. jewellery. © DR

The night before both actresses and Penélope Cruz sparkled in Tiffany diamonds at the Pre-BAFTA Nominees Party.


Penélope Cruz wearing Tiffany & Co. earrings. © Getty Images

Glashütte Original Fake Watches Video. “Made in Germany – Perspektive Fellowship”

Fake Watches UK — The German watchmaker presents the “Made in Germany – Perspektive Fellowship” at the Berlin International Film Festival.

At the opening of the “Perspektive Deutsches Kino” section on February 12th, 2016, Glashütte Original will award the “Made in Germany – Perspektive Fellowship”. The occasion representssomething of a jubilee: for the 5th time already the prize will honour an up-and-coming young German director. The winner, whose name will be announced at the award ceremony on the 12th of February, will receive 15,000 Euro, destined to support the development of a film project, materials and a screenplay. As in the past, all of the directors whose films were shown in the “Perspektive” section the previous year were entitled to apply for the fellowship.

Every year, the winner’s trophy is carefully crafted by hand by students at the “Alfred Helwig” School of Watchmaking run by Glashütte Original Swiss Replica Watches.