Replica Watches – Jacob & Co. An ever-spinning constellation

— The Astronomia Gravitational Triple Axis Tourbillon Black Gold is a poetic visual rendering of the celestial world.

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The Astronomia Gravitational Triple Axis Tourbillon Black Gold by Jacob & Co., a wristwatch­sized depiction of the cosmos, is an immediately impressive sight. Pushing technical limits with the three­dimensional Caliber JCAM10, this timepiece performs a fascinating choreography of multi­axis revolutions. First of all, the central axis and the four arms of its modules make a complete rotation in 20 minutes. The tourbillon combines a five­minute turn around the vertical axis with its horizontal 60­second spin. On the opposite site, the hours and minutes subdial revolves on its axis and thus stays pointed in the right direction, thereby guaranteeing a clear display of the time for the wearer of this Swiss replica watch. Pivoting at the ends of their respective arms, the magnesium lacquered Earth appears facing the Moon represented by a spherical diamond featuring 288 facets (patented Jacob Cut) reflecting every ray of light in multiple directions and lighting up the starlit sky during the 60­second rotation around an independent axis. The end result is a stunning visual show that is never the same twice but instead evolves constantly, while appearing to float freely through space above an aventurine background.

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Astronomia Gravitational Triple Axis Tourbillon Black Gold. © Jacob & Co. Replica Watches

Case: black DLC-coated 18K white gold with transparent sapphirecrystal sides, domed sapphire crystal, aventurine and black DLC-treated 18K white gold background, water-resistant to 30m
Size: 50mm
 Fake Watches UK
Movement: mechanical hand-wound (exclusive Caliber JCAM10, 60h power reserve), triple axis tourbillon with differential system
Functions: hours, minutes, triple-axis gravitational tourbillon, rotating earth and moon
Dial: hand-engraved titanium, lacquered hour-markers, diamond finishes, hand-finished steely blue hands, one-carat spherical diamond, magnesium lacquered globe
Strap: alligator leather, adjustable folding clasp in black DLC- treated 18K gold white gold

From 1892 to Today – Omega Fake Watches UK

In its long history, Omega Replica Watches has contributed numerous important watches and innovations to the world of watchmaking. In this excerpt from our “Omega Milestones” E-Special, we chronicle seven of the 25 most important watches Omega has ever made. For the complete E-Special listing all 25, click here to download it from WatchTime’s online store.First Minute-Repeater Wrist Replica Watches(1892)

The world’s first minute-repeater wristwatch was unveiled in September 1892 by the Bienne, Switzerland firm of Louis Brandt & Frère, precursor to today’s Omega watch company. Brandt had chosen Audemars Piguet in Le Brassus to modify a 13-ligne Lépine ébauche that Audemars had purchased from the ébauche maker LeCoultre & Cie. The striking mechanism was triggered by a slide at 3 o’clock. The complex wristwatch case strongly resembles that of a pocketwatch. Engraved on the dust cover is a phrase in French that translates as “Excluded from the competition: juror, Paris 1889.” The engraving suggests that the watch had been exhibited at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893, but had not been allowed to participate in the competition for medals because César Brandt, who ran the firm with his brother Louis-Paul, had served on the jury of the Paris World’s Fair in 1889.

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First Omega Wristwatch (1900)The first wristwatches bearing the Omega name were produced in 1900 and used by British officers in South Africa’s Boer War (1899-1903). Omega was one of the first firms to begin serial production of wristwatches. The watches withstood the rough treatment they got. An Omega advertisement in a watchmakers’ magazine in Leipzig in 1904 publicized the testimony of a British artillery officer whose Omega wristwatch performed admirably in bitter cold, searing heat, torrential rain and merciless sandstorms. The lieutenant colonel concluded that “The wristwatch is an essential campaign element.” The wristwatches were powered by a Lépine 12-ligne Caliber HN B and were available in two versions: one with the crown on the right, to be worn on the left wrist, and the other with the crown on the left for wearing on the right wrist.

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Omega Seamaster Replica Watches (1948)René Bannwart is considered the father of the Omega Seamaster line. The man who would later found Corum had begun building Omega’s design department in 1940. This was new. At that time, sketches for new models were usually drawn by draftsmen in watch-case factories. Bannwart’s decision set Omega on a new path that other brands would soon follow. To celebrate Omega’s 100th anniversary, Omega sales director Adolphe Vallat asked Bannwart to develop a sporty, robust and waterproof wristwatch. Bannwart felt that Vallat wasn’t giving him enough time, so he presented one of his case designs with the comment “much too clunky.” To Bannwart’s surprise, Vallat was delighted. The result was the Seamaster family. It had its origins in watches supplied to Britain’s Royal Air Force in World War II. The 1948 civilian version of the pilots’ watch had a water-resistant case (to 50 meters), a screwed caseback with lead gaskets, a reinforced crystal, a silvered dial, and polished and riveted Arabic numerals. The version with small seconds, which was also available as a certified chronometer, contained the new automatic Caliber 28.10 RA RG-343. The model with a central seconds hand was the 28.10 RA SC-350.Omega_Milestones_Seamasters_Replica Watches

Cheap Replica Omega Constellation (1952)Omega began using the name “Constellation” in 1952 to denote its officially certified wrist chronometers. The premier model was powered by Caliber 28.10 RA SC PC RG AM (nicknamed the “352”), which first appeared in 1945. This caliber wound itself via a unidirectional hammer-type winding weight. It also featured an indirectly propelled central seconds hand. The 28.1-mm-diameter, 5.4-mm-thick movement passed the official chronometer tests with flying colors. Its sturdiness, reliability and precision prompted Omega to produce the Constellation in large numbers. This model was also Omega’s first serially manufactured wrist fake watches UK chronometer.Omega_Milestones_DeVille_Replica Watches

Omega Speedmaster Fake Watches (1957)The Omega Speedmaster, destined to become the most famous chronograph in the world because of its use by NASA for the Apollo program, was introduced in 1957. But the Speedmaster story really begins in 1943 with chronograph Caliber 27 CHRO C12, developed by Jacques Reymond. Born into a long-established family of watchmakers, Reymond had joined Omega’s subsidiary Lemania in 1942. The “CHRO” in the caliber designation stood for “chronograph,” the “27” referred to the movement’s diameter in millimeters, and “C12” denoted the additional counter for 12 elapsed hours. Further developed by Albert Piguet in 1946 and christened by Omega with the shorter name “321,” this movement was the smallest of its type at the time. Credit for the Speedmaster case design belonged to a group at Lemania, including designer Claude Baillod, prototype-maker Georges Hartmann and machinist Désiré Faivre. The watch’s salient features were a black dial, luminous hands, a tachymeter scale, water-resistant case, screwed back and domed Plexiglas crystal. The diameter was originally 39 mm. A 40-mm version with the tachymeter scale on a black background along the flange appeared in 1960.

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Replica UK Omega De Ville (1967)Omega launched De Ville as a separate line in 1967. It had been a collection within the Seamaster line since 1960. Simpler, younger, more colorful, and more varied than the Seamaster, it quickly became Omega’s best-selling collection. The name stood for an entire philosophy because the De Ville wasn’t created at Omega’s headquarters in industrial Bienne, but in sophisticated Geneva. The collection was intended to represent a new urban elegance. The designers had sought and found a modernistic element in wristwatch design. The collection included rectangular models containing the ultra-slim hand-wound Caliber 620. The synthesis of modernity and timelessness turned out to be just right. Omega De Ville wristwatches won six “Golden Roses” at the Baden-Baden design awards in the 1970s as well as the coveted Grand Prix Triomphe de l’Excellence Européenne.

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First Co-Axial Escapement (1999)
The Omega De Ville Co-Axial contained automatic Caliber 2500, the first wrist chronometer with a co-axial escapement. The escapement was invented by English master watchmaker George Daniels. Omega developed Daniels’s design so that it could be manufactured in large quantities. Caliber 2500 was a modified self-winding movement from Omega’s Swatch Group sister, ETA. The co-axial escapement went a long way toward solving two fundamental problems that had plagued long- lasting precision timekeeping. First, every change in the viscosity of the lubricant oil detracted from the regularity of the rate behavior. Second, over time, the oil gradually disappeared from the locations where it was most needed in the movement. Daniels revised the architecture of the impulse-giving elements to reduce both the friction and the influence that the lubricant’s viscosity exerted on the balance’s amplitude. Unlike conventional escapements, his co-axial escapement consists of an intervening wheel, a co-axial wheel and a lever with three pallet jewels. The lever acts only when the balance swings counter-clockwise. To fully exploit the advantages of this escapement, 27-jewel Caliber 2500 had a Glucydur balance with a frequency of 28,800 vph and a flat, freely swinging hairspring. The movement debuted in a simple round case for which Omega reactivated the name “De Ville.”Omega_Milestones_Co-Axial_Replica WatchesFor the complete 25 “Omega Fake Watches Milestones” including the first wristwatch tourbillon, the Olympic Timer from 1932, the RAF Broad Arrow, the Seamaster Ploprof, and the first Omega Liquidmetal watch, download the E-Special now from the WatchTime online store.

True Lady Replica Watches UK Precious Commandments

— Sometimes it doesn’t take much to be happy: a little good humor, a healthy dose of optimism and a few simple, commonsense principles by which to live one’s daily life. More than just fake watches a timepiece, our watch is a safeguard against sluggishness. It brings us back to what is key and guards us against that which is pointless. Here’s how it works…

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Have a heart of gold fake watches
Gold, in the heart or on the wrist … Piaget’s unmistakable signature, the famous Traditional Oval watch straight out of the Sixties perpetuates the gold craftsmanship cultivated by the Maison from La Côte-aux-Fées. The bracelet which coils around the wrist like a strip of precious fabric is quite simply staggering. To create this “palace-type” décor, Piaget drew inspiration from the methods used in Haute Couture. A multitude of assembled links appear on the reverse side of the bracelet, while all that remains on the front is the appearance of a gossamer-light, sensuous golden fabric.

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Traditional Oval © Piaget Replica Watches

Dream of new horizons
Wisdom, peace and above all, discovery… The color blue is an open invitation to expand our horizons. Bringing to mind the sea or a starry seventh heaven, the shimmer of the lapis lazuli dial adorning the Lady Cruise 31 watch by Fred is instantly captivating. A few touches of diamonds on the steel case and a cabochon sapphire on the crown bring a surging ocean of elegance to the wrist.

Stand out from the crowd
The ultimate sophistication is a well-kept secret that Cartier reveals with a cuff bracelet. Shot with lightning, on the frontier between blue and green, a superb 51.13-carat cabochon adorns the Aten High Jewelry secret hour watch and acts as a lucky charm. A thousand hours went into setting the 470 brilliant-cut and 50 baguette-cut diamonds which, by means of a skillfully hidden sliding door, reveals precious time on the dial in the center of the cuff.

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Aten High Jewelry secret hour watch. © Cartier Replica Watches UK

Cherish color
Legend has it that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. And what is that were true ? Jacob & Co have transposed the colors thereof to the wrist. Surrounded by a halo of different shades consisting of 48 multi-colored, baguette cut sapphires, the Brilliant Rainbow watch is an excellent mechanical elixir against winter blues. In addition to the setting of the crown, the 44mm watch presents a silky mother-of-pearl dial also enhanced with colored sapphires and diamonds. A chance to see life in glorious Technicolor…


Brilliant Rainbow © Jacob & Co

Remain true to your friends
Marilyn Monroe was right : diamonds are unquestionably a girl’s best friend ! So it is without the slightest guilt or moderation that we wear them on our wrists. With its Majestic watch from the Acte V The Escape collection, Louis Vuitton exalts the wonderful colors of the opal with a myriad 678 diamonds set on the dial and bracelet. With 14.55 carats, friendship is more precious than ever.

Flaunt your personality
A watch is declaration of style, an indication of taste, a personal preference for a color or shape. Because everyone is unique, Jaquet Droz creates unique watches mirroring the personality of those who wear them. An engraving, an enameled dial, a painting or a miniature sculpture, a dial adorned using the technique of paillonage or embellished with exceptional rocks and minerals, all contributing to pushing bespoke creativity to its ultimate limits. Anything, or nearly anything, goes, providing one is prepared to carry it off…


The Loving Butterfly © Jaquet Droz Replica Watches

Be unpredictable
You never show up where you’re expected and much prefer to remain unpredictable ! de Grisogono embodies this determined mindset with the New Retro Lady. Mid-way between contemporary audacity and 1950s classic design, a large, understated rectangle appears cloaked in precious stones. The radiant glow of diamonds, rubies, emeralds or sapphires lights up the matching galuchat strap, while the 12 o’clock crown and the eminently legible gem-set dial heighten the originality of this model with its mechanical heart. Neither the dictates of fashion nor the seemingly inexorable flow of fleeting trends will ever push you anywhere you don’t wish to go.


New Retro Lady © de Grisogono Replica Watches

Jaeger-LeCoultre Replica Watches Master Calendar – Unique In Its Kind

When Jaeger-LeCoultre released their Master Calendar in 2013, I wasn’t sure what to think about it, since there is so much competition in this section. Most of these calendar Swiss replica watches have the same dial layout, with a day and month aperture just below ’12’ and a moon phase above ‘6’, set on a light coloured dial. Jaeger-LeCoultre’s version did not really add anything, to what was on the market already, besides the beautiful manufacture caliber of course. This year however, Jaeger-LeCoultre announced another version of their Master Calendar but now with a stunning new eye-catching dial, and unique at the same time.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Calendar with Meteorite dial

Let’s start with the review. Personally I am very pleased that Jaeger-LeCoultre sticked to a more traditional size and used their 39mm case for it. A cheap fake watch with these dimensions, is very wearable with formal wear but also with a more casual outfit.

While the Master Calendar fits perfectly under a cuffed shirt, I won’t call it a ‘pure’ dress Replica Watches UK, since the case has a 10.6mm thickness. A bit too thick to wear it with a tuxedo, but ideal with a suit. The height of the Master Moon is logical when you consider the complicated automatic movement, that’s ticking inside and is also visible through a sapphire crystal case back.

A closed back could have made the case thinner. This mechanical automatic winding calendar movement, Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 866, was as usually developed and produced by JLC, in their own manufacture in Le Sentier. It operates at 4Hz (28,800 bph) with a 40 hours of power reserve. Since the caliber is an automatic one and has various functions as; hour, minute, day, date, month and moon phases, the thickness of the 866 caliber, demands a case height of 10,6mm; absolutely not bad for an automatic caliber.

The gold hand for the seconds is located in the Moon phase window and makes a perfect match with the gold of the moon and stars. What we often see is Moon phases designed in a modern way that are hardly recognisable where they stand for. Not the one on the JLC Master Moon, this is the classic moon phase with a dark blue sky and stars. To indicate the date, Jaeger-LeCoultre chose for the classic pointer date.

The pointer date is actually a feature from the thirties and is not used that often anymore. But to me this is one of the most beautiful ways of telling the time and I wish that the industry would use this option more often, in classic style replica watches UK or in re issues. Jaeger-LeCoultre

The first thing that catches the eye is the dial, of this Master Calendar. It is very different from the classic silvered dial from 2013 and it is made out of Meteorite, with a unique anthracite kinda color. The dial is composed from a block of meteorite that was discovered in Sweden. It came originally from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. 

Due to the fact that these pieces of meteorite contain a lot of iron, it is hard to get a perfect dial out of it. The block needs to be cut into very thin plates until the right structure is found and good enough to become a Jaeger-LeCoultre dial. After that it goes through the various steps of polishing until it reveals the structure of its stone, that features a unique pattern shown by each cut. At the end of the process, the material will show the beauty that was collected through several million years.

The result is a stunning looking dial, with a unique structure, since no dial will look identical and that’s the beauty of working with natural materials. Quite a task for JLC was to apply the gold hour markers on the meteorite and to cut out the rectangle windows for the day, the month and the round window for the moon phase.

The meteorite is very hard to work with and on the other hand also very fragile, when it comes to cutting out these windows.

Jaeger-LeCoultre packs a punch with this Master Calendar, since the result is a great looking cheap fake watches for sale, that sets it apart from the competition and is unique in its kind. The Master Calendar is available in pink gold or in steel and while I really like this pink gold version with the meteorite; for me the steel version with greyish meteorite dial, that makes the watch irresistible.

IWC Replica Watches Dubai International Film Festival

Replica Watches UK Sale — Layla Kaylif wins 4th cheap replica IWC filmmaker award at the 12th Dubai International Film Festival.


IWC Schaffhausen marked another successful presence at the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) 2015, which opened on 9 December and runs until 16 December. As ‘Supported by’ sponsor and Official ‘Festival-Time’ Partner, IWC Schaffhausen hosted the fourth IWC Filmmaker Award.

For the fourth consecutive year, IWC Replica Watches Schaffhausen collaborated with the DIFF to grant one talented filmmaker from the region the esteemed award. This year, three filmmakers were shortlisted for the award: Qatari director Khalifa Al Muraikhi for his project “Sahaab”, Saudi director Shahad Ameen for her feature “Scales” and Emirati director Layla Kaylif for “The Letter Writer”. Layla Kaylif was selected as the winner by the revered jury, and was presented with the USD 100,000 prize. Layla Kaylif also received an IWC timepiece.

The event’s master of ceremonies was IWC brand ambassador and television personality Raya Abirached. The Swiss luxury Replica Watches manufacturer also welcomed international VIP guests and celebrities, including notable IWC brand ambassador Dev Patel, who attended the “For the Love of Cinema” gala dinner hosted by IWC and the DIFF.

Cheap Replica Harry Winston Robin Thicke

— Harry Winston Replica Watches UK welcomes Robin Thicke as its timepiece ambassador.

 Replica harry_winston_Watches uk

International jeweler and watchmaker, Harry Winston, announced at the Baden Baden Opus event in October that it has signed American singer, songwriter, and producer Robin Thicke, as its timepiece ambassador. Robin Thicke will serve as the ambassador of Harry Winston timepieces and will support the brand through a variety of media and promotional activations.

“We are proud to introduce Robin Thicke as our timepiece ambassador,” said Nayla Hayek, CEO of Harry Winston, Inc. “As a distinguished recording artist, Robin’s natural ability to translate emotion into sound, passion for creating timeless music that transcends genres and generations, and commitment to music-oriented community programs, perfectly complements the origins of the Harry Winston story and captures the creative and innovative spirit behind its timepiece designs. “

harry_winston_copy watches

© Harry Winston Swiss Replica Watches

“Growing up in Los Angeles – surrounded by the entertainment industry – the Harry Winston name was always synonymous with the red carpet. From its incredible heritage; to its reputation for creating the ultimate and most exceptional; to its dedication to philanthropic causes that are helping to change the world,” said Robin Thicke. “Harry Winston is a brand that I have long admired and I am honored to serve as its Timepiece Ambassador.”

In October 2015, Harry Winston unveiled the latest iteration of its highly acclaimed Opus series, in Baden-Baden, Germany, in which Thicke was a special guest performer.

Longines Replica Watches Show jumping in Paris

— International top riders were in Paris this weekend for the second leg of the cheap Replica Longines Masters.

    longines-Replica Watches

As the Title Partner, the Official Timekeeper and the Official Watch of the event, Longines timed all the competitions and also presented two highlights: the Longines Speed Challenge, won by Gregory Wathelet on Egano van het Slogenhof, and the Longines Grand Prix, won by Patrice Delaveau on Lacrimoso 3 HDC (picture above).

The Swiss Replica Watches brand also competed to the charity Pro-Am competition on Saturday evening. This trial aims to raise funds for Amade, the foundation of Princess Caroline de Hanovre, which commits to the protection and blossoming of worldwide children.
On Sunday, Longines participated to the action “Clear the Jump”, organized by JustWorld, an association which helps children to get out of poverty. During the Longines Grand Prix, 200 meals were offered every time the Longines jumps were cleared. Thanks to this action, Longines could contribute to offer 5’000 meals to the young people helped by JustWorld.

The Official Watch of the Longines Masters of Paris is a model from the new Longines DolceVita collection, which represents contemporary elegance of the Longines watchmaking brand worldwide.
The public attending the Longines Masters of Paris could discover the new Longines DolceVita and many other collections of the Swiss watch brand in the Village Prestige. For the first time in Paris, Longines offers the opportunity to buy its elegant timepieces on site.

 cheap copy longines watches

Dolce Vita. © Longines Fake Watches UK

Replica Watches UK – Czapek & Cie. Interview with Harry Guhl

Replica Watches Sale UK — At SalonQP in London last month, we spoke to one of the principal backers behind Czapek & Cie.

swiss Replica Watches uk

Czapek is a brand “by collectors, for collectors”. Why did you choose this route?
Even though we have invested our own money in the project, myself and the shareholders wanted the project to be about sharing from the outset. How have brands like Google, Youtube and Wikipedia become so big? It’s because they share.
The challenge was that we are still a watch manufacturer who strives for perfection and has certain values to maintain. We fell in love with the story of the brand but on a social level we didn’t want to remain in the old system, we wanted to think and act outside the box and sharing the company with Swiss replica watches lovers seemed to be the most logical thing.
The moment you share something, you lay down some solid foundations and you make friends.  At our launch press conference we had all the owners and CEOs of our suppliers. This has never been done in the industry. They came as friends of the project because they see it as a community and something new. We are bringing the philosophy of the “dot com” companies to the world of watchmaking.

Why did you decide on the equity crowdfunding approach?
Getting money was not an issue but we wanted to be true to our origins. We thought about what Czapek would do if he was still alive. The most important thing seemed to be to honour the name and put your faith into it. We have to give him the second life he deserves. This transcends pure business and starts to become more emotional.

What are the main differences between standard crowdfunding and your equity crowdfunding model?
The biggest difference is the legal aspects that have to be taken into account. Furthermore, we are the first brand to go for a multinational platform, using in France and Switzerland. Usually crowdfunding doesn’t even have a product to offer at the start, but we couldn’t do this so we needed some private funding in the initial rounds. We had to have something physical to offer because we want to deliver by the end of next year, which is quite remarkable in the industry.

 cheap fake watches uk

Quai des Bergues N°31. © Czapek

The watch is very identifiable from the front, but the movement is also quite distinctive. Can you tell us more about the idea behind the finish?
The original Czapek movement in the pocket fake watches UK that was the inspiration for the current Czapek collection had a very distinctive grained finish. Our watchmaker had a long discussion with Jean-François Mojon on how to decorate the movement. The finish is quite interesting because there are no Côtes de Genève. Because of this some people may say that it is not even decorated. But when you look closer at the bevelling and graining you start to appreciate the finish.

 quality Replica Watches

SXH1 movement. © Czapek

You come from the art industry. Is this an art piece?
No, above all it is a piece of craftsmanship. But there are certain artistic elements included in it. We use concepts that artists use, for instance the movement visible through the back is like an abstract canvas that you have to dive into.

Do you know of many vintage Czapek models?
Since we have relaunched the brand we have been approached by collectors who have some historical Czapek models. There are very few on the market but we do ask those collectors who get in touch with us to send us photos of their Replica Watches For Sale.

Breguet Replica Watches Grand Opening of the Chengdu Boutique

— On 20 November, Breguet celebrated the inauguration of its Chengdu Taikoo Li boutique.

 breguet-Replica Watches

The event took place in the presence of Mr. Han Zhi, general manager of the prestigious Chengdu Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li commercial Center. Mr. Zhi was welcomed by Mrs. Susan Chen, CEO of the Swiss Replica Watches Group in China, as well as both Breguet’s Vice-president and the China Brand Manager (picture above).

The Chengdu boutique – the first Breguet salon in Southwestern China – extends the network of Breguet salons in China. Spanning from Beijing to Ningbo, the network of Breguet boutiques in China even includes the brand’s largest boutique in the world, located in Shanghai, which is also home to the third Breguet museum after Paris and Zurich.