IWC Swiss Replica Watches Video. The IWC Engineering Race – Nico Rosberg vs. Lewis Hamilton

— Take a look at the new IWC Replica Watches Ingenieur Special Editions “Nico Rosberg” and “Lewis Hamilton”.

Replica Watches the IWC Engineering Race with our Friends of the brand Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton and take a look at the new IWC fake watches Ingenieur Special Editions “Nico Rosberg” and “Lewis Hamilton”.

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TAG Heuer Replica Watches Video. Maria Sharapova Don’t Crack Under Pressure

— The tennis star embodies the Swiss Replica Watches brand’s spirit.

Maria Sharapova has been a long-time member of the brand’s dream team that

embodies the brand’s rich heritage built on pushing boundaries, breaking conventional rules, and harnessing mental fortitude to overcome the limits.This long-lasting partnership reflects the core values of both the tennis super star and Replica TAG Heuer Watches – a tough mindset, strong mental strength, and always-be-the-best spirit. The qualities also define the brand’s new motto, “Don’t Crack Under Pressure”, one that is perfectly personified by the tennis sensation who has a never-say-die attitude and is not afraid to push her boundaries.

Roger Dubuis Velvet Haute Couture Corsetry

— Roger Dubuis launched three new Velvet Haute Couture limited editions at Watches&Wonders 2014 Replica Watches. Here is the “Corsetry” model.

Velvet Haute Couture Corsetry © Roger Dubuis

Last week, WorldTempus presented the Velvet Haute Couture “Mink Fur” watch, which was unveiled at Rolex Replica Watches & Wonders 2014.

We focus today on the “Corsetry” watch, a timepiece capturing the spirit of corsetry in a very glamorous model and housing a mechanical self-winding movement.

Manufacture Roger Dubuis turned to the Artisans Selliers – leading Swiss specialists in high-end straps and leather goods dedicated to excellence in their own domain of fine craftsmanship – to create the ‘corset-style’ strap. Hugging the wrist just as a corset embraces voluptuous feminine curves, the intricately detailed Corset strap features elaborate black lacing creating a striking contrast with the surrounding smooth calfskin leather in a flesh-pink shade echoing that of classic soft ballet shoes.



The watch infuses an unmistakable, quintessential femininity.
© Roger Dubuis Replica Watches

The diamond-paved tonneau-shaped dial centre of this creation is paved with 162 brilliantcut diamonds, framed by a silver-toned satin sunburst exterior bearing the signature Velvet Roman numerals in black or pink gold picking up the colours of the 36 mm case and the strap. The bezel, lugs and décor are also set with diamonds.

The watch is delivered with an additional blushing pink genuine alligator leather strap.

Breguet Tianjin explores the secrets of the first wrist Swiss Replica Watches

— The “Reine de Naples” exhibition stops in China Replica Watches Sale.

Breguet China

Presented in a succession of the largest cities in Asia, the “Reine de Naples” exhibition moved to Tianjin in northern of China. Through this unique retrospective Breguet gives you the opportunity to explore the history and the mysteries of the first wristwatch, along with a selection of the finest pieces of the contemporary “Reine de Naples” collection.

The “Reine de Naples” exhibition is on view at the Tianjin Hisense Plaza mall until October 21st, 2014 Replica Watches UK.

Breguet-China-Reine de Naples

Four pieces from the contemporary “Reine de Naples” collection.
© Breguet Fake Watches For Sale

Blancpain Replica Watches Video. Blancpain Ocean Commitment

— The brand presents the first piece of a series of limited edition diving Swiss Rolex Replica watches.

For many years Blancpain Fake Watches has been a fervent supporter of environmental initiatives to explore, preserve and protect the world’s oceans. To call further attention to ocean preservation and protection, Blancpain unveiled the first piece of a series of limited edition diving Replica Watches UK. Limited to but 250 examples, the Ocean Commitment Bathyscaphe Chronographe Flyback features Blancpain’s latest in-house movement and a special gray ceramic case and blue dial and bezel. Blancpain has connected the new special limited edition to its global Ocean Commitment by making a charitable contribution in the amount of 1’000 Euros for each watch in the limited series. These total funds of 250’000 Euros will be added to Blancpain’s ongoing support of oceanic environmental causes. In addition, each purchaser of the Replica Rolex watches will automatically be enrolled in Blancpain’s Ocean Commitment Circle and given special advantages.

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Hamilton Replica Watches Video. Hamilton Watch Brand Overview – Into the dream

— Discover the Replica Watches For Sale brand’s DNA.

The Hamilton history is a 120 years long and eventful travel from Lancaster in the US to Biel the world capital of Rolex Replica watchmaking in Switzerland. Today highlights from Hamilton pioneering role in the worlds of aviation, cinema, electric and digital technology shape the collection. The Hamilton watches have unique shapes, personality and design combining the American spirit with Swiss Fake Watches UK technologies.

Louis Vuitton Replica Watches Interview with Hamdi Chatti

— WorldTempus spoke to the Vice-President of Watchmaking and Jewellery at Louis Vuitton on the occasion of the inauguration of the new Louis Vuitton Swiss Replica Watches UK facility this week.

Louis Vuitton Hamdi Chatti

What will this new Manufacture in Geneva do for you?

Manufacturing isn’t new to us because we owned the Fabrique du Temps and Léman Cadrans as well as our own case production, but we have now managed to group everything together under the same roof on a single site. Aside from operational reinforcement, this reunification should enhance creativity and bring fruitful synergies, as well as speeding up overall responsiveness. I think the ongoing symbiosis between watchmakers, engineers, dial and case-makers can lead to great ideas while making it easier to bring them to fruition. Finally, being based in Geneva not only pays tribute to the Fabrique du Temps which was born here, but in addition, the presence of the airport enables us to facilitate travel between here and Paris as well as training for our salesforce from all over the world. Not to mention the role Geneva plays as the international capital of Haute Horlogerie, and the use of the Poinçon de Genève which will certainly be stamped on some of our models in the mid-term.

What developments are planned in the mid to long term?

There is room for growth, but initially we want to be sure that everyone is comfortable in the new premises and that the activity is developing well. I have every confidence but let’s take it step by step!

What has Louis Vuitton’s most notable development been in the past decade?

Louis Vuitton’s most notable development in Rolex Replica watchmaking took the form of the Tambour Rolex Replica watches in 2002: with its strong design and an automatic chronograph movement, it was the founding step of our watchmaking activity.

Then came the powerful launch of the customizable tourbillon in 2006-2007, which made a deep impression on people and took Louis Vuitton into another segment, followed by the Mystérieuse. Parallel to this, we realized that we needed to incorporate a certain number of trades, hence the acquisition of the Fabrique du Temps and then Léman Cadrans, and today the inauguration of our new production unit. We hope to continue in this vein.

Which new releases have brought you the greatest satisfaction?

I would be tempted to list them all, but I can definitely say that the Escale Worldtime we presented at Baselworld last spring deserves a special mention! It’s an absolutely unique watch, born of the synergies between our watchmakers and our heritage department, which resulted in a new idea: the only hand-free worldtime watch! Nonetheless, it fundamentally remains an Haute Horlogerie watch that is relatively classic, round and with quite a slim case, but very different in the way it asserts itself.


Louis Vuitton Escale World Time

Louis Vuitton Escale World Time
© Louis Vuitton


On a different note entirely, this year the Emprise collection met the requirements of a segment that was new to us – the shaped watch – while associating with jewelry for the first time. This double jewelry and watch collection is perfectly in line with our expectations.

Do you have equally high ambitions in the realm of jewelry as you do in watchmaking?

Jewelry is a sector that works very well at Louis Vuitton! It enhances the watchmaking offer. If we continue at this rate, it will definitely be able to compete with the watchmaking side of our activities.


Louis Vuitton Emprise

The Louis Vuitton Emprise collection.
© Charles Helleu/Louis Vuitton


Does your integrated distribution network make you stronger or more vulnerable in these uncertain times? 

It’s a fantastic opportunity that is proving particularly significant at the moment. Half of our 460 boutiques across the world have a watchmaking range that clients can discover when they first enter this space for handbags, clothes, shoes or jewelry. Clients thereby naturally encounter the Louis Vuitton Swiss Replica Watches universe, even when they weren’t necessarily thinking of it when they stepped through the door of the boutique. As we are seeing, watchmaking is struggling on certain markets at the moment, so this flow through our boutiques allows us to alleviate the situation.

What challenges await the brand in 2015?

Our goal will as ever be about appealing to a clientele in search of exceptional products that they simply could not find anywhere else.

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Roger Dubuis Replica Watches For Sale Video. Watches&Wonders 2014 Best-of

— The brand presents its new collection in Asia.

At the close of the second edition of Asia’s finest Haute Horlogerie Exhibition held in Hong Kong from Tuesday September 30th to Thursday October 2nd 2014, Roger Dubuis confirms that what is fast becoming a can’t-miss event on the Rolex Replica watches industry calendar once again lived up to its promises. Headlined by the presentation of the sparkling Velvet Haute Couture collection and of its Hommage Minute Repeater Tourbillon Automatic model.